Sunday, 23 October 2011

Self Harming



This is a very touchy subject for some teenager and parents. Does anyone know where that label began? With music, yes, music, emotional music. How it got mixed in with teenagers, not many people know. Not all emos cut, or self harm and not all people who self harm are emo.

Self harming as for the emos is as simple as intentionally sticking a safety pen in their skin, burning their selves, taking a sharp object and cutting their skin, scratching their selves to the point of skin breakage and there is much more ways to hurt one's self.

Cutting is the most common one known to the public. Many do it for different reasons. It gives off high, also makes everything numb for a few minutes. It does different things for everyone. Some do it on their arms, or legs, or wrists. Anywhere really. Some do it places no one else will ever see unless they undress. It depends on the person.

All of them need help though. Calling them emo for going to the only thing they know is not the right way.

A message to all those who deliberate self harm;
All those who self harm need to realize that one get only a body in life. What’s the point in tearing it up with razors when you could be taking care of yourself? If God has made your skin smooth, don`t try to add scars on it otherwise there will be no differences between one who self cut due to mental illness and YOU!

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